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Baby Clothing

Dress your baby in unique, stylish baby clothes from Ububba. With our own high-quality designer baby clothes from all your favorite brands like Angel Dear and Baechumon, it’s easy to find the right look right away. Be the first to dress your child in K-baby style: neutral colors, minimalist design, and cute graphics; you’ll find something totally unique and absolutely adorable. From the newest clothes to best selling favorites, you’ll always get the perfect outfit, so shop the baby collection today!

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Stylish Baby Clothes

The designer baby clothes at Ububba are of the highest quality. They’re made from fabrics that are always as soft and strong as possible, allowing for plenty of movement and exploration in complete comfort. But they don’t sacrifice style! Each piece features the freshest prints, patterns, and designs.

Plus, they’re easy to take on and off since they’re made with stretchy knits, safe zippers, snap bottoms, and magnets from brands like Magnetic Me. You never have to worry about a little accident ruining your new, stylish baby clothes. They’re washable and put-on-able, keeping them long-term wearable.

Trendy K-baby Style

Ububba was created after our founder struggled while pregnant to find interesting, stylish baby clothes. Between that experience, the overall stress of being pulled in all directions as a new parent, and the incredible fashion coming out of Korea, Ububba was formed!

That’s why we’re among the first to offer K-baby clothes, toys, feeding accessories, and home goods in the US. We’ve brought all of your favorite brands together to make shopping as easy as possible. And we even have free shipping on all orders of $49+. Connect with us on social to stay up to date on everything we have coming out next.